Saturday, March 26, 2005

Aaaah, remember when Britney Spears grabbed the


Britney Spears: Pregnant!

Britney Spears and her husband of seven months, Kevin Federline, are expecting a baby, Star can exclusively and definitively reveal!

The 23-year-old singer is three-months pregnant, according to sources close to the couple, and an official announcement confirming the happy news is expected to be released this weekend.

Sources say Britney has canceled all her future work engagements and is busy preparing for her new job - motherhood - when the baby arrives this fall.

Brit's made no secret of her desire to start a family since her marriage to Kevin Federline on Sept. 18 last year. Less than a month after the wedding, Britney was telling fans on her Web site,, how she longed for a baby, saying, "Being married is GREAT and I can't wait to start my family!" Now it looks like her dream has finally come true.

(snip wait for it folks, here it comes)

Father-to-be Kevin, 27, already has two children by his ex, Moesha star Shar Jackson - Kori, 2, and Kaleb, 8 months.

"He calls Brit 'my lady-in-waiting,'" says the source. "Kevin knows he's not going to get a moment's peace from now until the baby comes. He says what he really enjoys about her pregnancy is chugging beers and telling Brit 'You can't have one!'"


Now THAT is father material!