Thursday, June 23, 2005

Well, nobody said that the stupid gene was

missing in this family:

Florida Gov. Jeb Bush officially joined his brother in opposing human embryonic stem-cell research at the annual Biotechnology Industry Organization meeting here Tuesday.

However, Bush said he believes technology will provide a solution to the impasse over embryonic stem-cell research.

"I think taking of human life to create life is a huge contradiction morally," Bush said. "But ... there are other really bright people in this issue who share that view who are trying to find an alternative that would not retard the advancement of science."

He was referring to William Hurlbut's proposal to join an egg with genetically altered material, a process he calls "altered nuclear transfer." Nuclear transfer is another name for therapeutic cloning, a controversial technology researchers want to use to derive custom-made embryonic stem cells.


So stem cells bad, cloning good?

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