Thursday, November 03, 2005

Lest I let the day slip away

without mentioning this:

This morning (really, waaaay too early for me to formulate ideas, let alone sentences) I joined two of my fellow blogger/Eschatonians, res ipsa loquitur and n69n, at the live broadcast of Morning Sedition, the Air America morning show hosted by Marc Maron and Mark Riley. I went for two reasons:

(1) to show my support for the scrumptiously cynical Marc Maron, whose contract has not been renewed by the putzes in upper management (read: Danny Goldberg, President), and
(2) to thank the suave, urbane, and just plain viciously funny James Wolcott for his post about me back in August.

And yes, I'm completely smitten, but in a completely non-threatening-to-Mrs. Wolcott way.

Thanks again, Monsieur Wolcott. I bow . . . and yes, I'll scrape . . . before your words.

Now if only TBogg lived on the East Coast...