Monday, December 19, 2005

Candor? CANDOR?!!

People are "praising Bush's candor" in his speech last night? I didn't hear any candor, I didn't hear any apologies, I didn't hear any admission of mistakes. I heard a lot of the same old shit - "when Iraqis stand up, we'll stand down," "critics are defeatists," "we are winning the war against the evildoers," but I certainly didn't hear any candor.

THIS would be candor:

1. I fucked up. You know what? We knew there weren't any WMDs.
2. I have absolutely NO idea how to get out. I mean people, come on. I can't even find my way out of a press conference.
3. I'm so in over my head.
4. I'm in league with the Devil . . . er, Dick Cheney. He's making all the decisions anyway, so don't blame me.
5. I think only poor people and minorities should have to "make sacrifices." I really do.
6. Poll numbers DO scare me.
7. I didn't think the Shi'ites would win.
8. I'm back on the sauce.

Oh, and a point I was going to make, but that attaturk makes for all of us who marched during the build-up to the war, and who still march in protest: We were . . . how you say it . . . RIGHT! Not that it would've mattered anyway, since Bush was sporting major wood for this clusterfuck from the day he was anointed by the SCOTUS.