Saturday, December 31, 2005

A New Year's Toast

Ordinarily, I stay away from the sappy stuff (except for stupidly adorable animal pictures), but I'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who have come to visit, or stayed, here at Dependable Renegade. Your collective sanity keeps me going. I want you all to have a happy, healthy New Year, and may we see the first of many indictments come January 3, 2006.

This whole thing was just a fluke - getting nagged at by the tribbles at Eschaton to start my own blog - and I never imagined that I would wind up being appreciated by such a wide range of readers. 2005 was a good year for this joint and introduced me to a whole new spectrum of people I'd never have met otherwise.

In particular, I'd like to thank the following for any "success" I've achieved here (caveat: this list is by no means complete, but I'd have to put up something like a brazillion posts to include everyone):

Dr. Atta J. Turk, Podiatrist to the Stars, the brains behind the scandalously funny Rising Hegemon, and my co-blogger at Rising Hegemon - AFTER DARK!, a salacious little niblet of parody porn. Attaturk was generous to a fault when I first started stealing his riff, and, like the wonderful friend that he has become, has let me step on his toes time and again. May 2006 bring you feet aplenty, and one million more hits. AND a blogroll from James Wolcott.

The eminence brun of snark, TBogg, who had a little cotillion for me at his place back in the summer, and has been an amigo ever since. May 2006 provide the lovely and talented Casey with indestructible patellae, give you some quality time with the ever youthful and elegant Mrs. Bogg, and chill Beckham's ass out. That dog has some serious 'tude!

And because of TBogg's heads-up, I got the chance to meet the Godfather of Snark, the aforementioned James Wolcott. I have never felt so geeky as when I asked him to autograph his little post about me . . . except for that time when I was 13 and walking home from school with a boy I had a crush on and was so distracted that I literally walked into a speed limit sign. So much for grace under pressure. But I digress. When someone like Mr. Wolcott admires your snark, it's like winning the blogosphere's version of "American Idol." So thank you, sir, for your kind words. May 2006 find you even snarkier - maybe Air America will bring back Marc Maron?

Jane Hamsher, of the indispensable Firedoglake, who, when not writing with her partners marvelously detailed investigative pieces on the absolutely venal administration currently in power, visits here for a chuckle, and sends her readers here, too. Even more success for Firedoglake in 2006.

Atrios, that salty old tar over at Eschaton, who never banned me for derailing a thread with my constant bloghworing and assorted piffle, and who tosses me a photo every now and then. I do so admire his devil-may-care attitude and carefree use of the word "fuck." So saucy! May 2006 bring even more open threads and acclaim!

I also am compelled by law to give a shout out to NYMary, of the highly underrated and beautifully written PowerPop, who named this perversion of photographs. I would've picked something far less succinct, like "Moronic People and their Pictures." May 2006 bring you and Thersites, Derider of All Things Althousian, a happy bouncing baby to add to your collection of, quite possibly, the smartest children I've ever met.

And to all of the Atriots who have become dear friends in faraway lands like Vermont and Pennsylvania and California and Arizona and Texas and Missouri and the Upper West Side and Brooklyn, happy happy New Year. I am exceedingly fortunate to have met you. 2006 will be good.

Now get the fuck off my lawn.