Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Alright, I'll weigh in on Valentine's Day.

I think it's archaic. No, not because I currently do not have a "valentine" (although there are one or two men I'd like to send swift kicks in the ass to at the moment), but because it runs counter to my apparently iconoclastic idea of what relationships should be about - partnership, collaboration, mutual respect, friendship and admiration (yeah, yeah, love, too). Valentine's Day propagates the stereotype that women are acquisitive, grabby types more concerned with the material aspects of romance than with the underlying sentiment behind the gift.

So for all those women who get indignant because their s.o.'s didn't buy them that heart-shaped box of chocolates they expected, consider this:

Japanese women are REQUIRED to buy chocolates for men on Valentine's Day.

Now get off your self-absorbed asses and reciprocate.