Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Bush pushes for funding for alternative energy.

Which is why hybrid vehicle buyers can get a $3,400 tax break, while small business owners can get $25,000 for buying monster SUVs and trucks.

Reiterating his belief that the nation is "addicted to foreign oil," the president renewed his call for increased spending on science research, development and education and greater government incentives for the makers and users of alternative sources of energy.


Under pressure from struggling U.S. automakers, which are losing ground to foreign competitors and shedding jobs at plants throughout this region, Bush has not proposed large increases in the gasoline mileage that U.S. automakers are required to achieve, known as corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards. Bush has supported slight increases for some light trucks and SUVs but stopped short of across-the-board changes advocated by many lawmakers and environmentalists that could significantly reduce oil consumption.


"So I could conceivably smuggle cocaine in to the country like this?"

REUTERS/Jason Reed