Friday, February 10, 2006

"We start bombing in five minutes."

Bush defends warrantless wiretaps.

CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) -- President Bush defended his warrantless eavesdropping program Friday, saying during what he thought were private remarks that he concluded that spying on Americans was necessary to fill a gap in the United States' security. (my emphasis)


The president's comments on the NSA eavesdropping came after eight minutes of remarks intended for public consumption. In them, Bush stroked lawmakers with thanks and gave a gentle push for his 2006 priorities in a scaled-back version of last month's State of the Union address.


Reporters then were ushered out -- ''I support the free press, let's just get them out of the room,'' Bush said -- so the president could speak privately to his fellow Republicans.

''I want to share some thoughts with you before I answer your questions,'' said Bush, unaware that microphones were still on and were transmitting his comments back to the White House press room. ''First of all, I expect this conversation we're about to have to stay in the room. I know that's impossible in Washington.''


(thanks to Holden at First Draft for the heads up.)