Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Dear DLC, DNC and Senate idiots.

I'm going to say this very, very slowly so you can understand.

Bush is an unpopular president who is administering a highly unpopular war and who admitted to committing a crime.

What part of this don't you get?

Cowering in fear of reprisal is not a legitimate or satisfactory reaction to Republican criminality. Bush is unpopular and getting more so by the day. It really doesn't get any more "open and shut" than that. Yet after Senator Feingold stood up to the craven warmongering, you rolled over and exposed your bellies, afraid that you might incur the wrath of Rove or (gasp!) be called "unpatriotic." You are a group of sniveling, spineless, clueless appeasers.

What are you so terrified of? Are you scared that your own poll numbers will drop? Well, guess what. American opinion of you is already in the toilet because you have done NOTHING to help the average citizen over the past five years. You're less popular than Dick Cheney, for crissakes. That takes some doing - congratulations.

You claim you're trying to position yourselves on homeland security and yet it was the Republicans who shot down the DPW ports deal (although it's not really dead, but that's another story). Were you even listening yesterday? You've done a marvelous job of failing to rally on the environment, on civil rights, on Supreme Court nominees, and on corporate tax breaks, to name a few agenda items. You have to "keep your powder dry," you say. For what fight? You call yourselves the opposition party. Then why do you let the Republicans direct the debate?

Have you become so drunk on your own power that the idea of actually working for your constituencies instead of yourselves gives you the shakes? Are you too busy jockeying for a Presidential run or Senate re-election or a coveted committee chair? Time and again, this Administration has presented you with golden opportunities to erode their support and you've done nothing. In fact, you've done worse than nothing - you've propagated the spin that the White House puts out there by damning and abandoning members of your own party. Fat, selfish, short-sighted, and lazy is no way to go through life, people.

Every day, the blogosphere asks, "What will it take to get the Democrats off their asses?" Howard Dean can't do it alone. Cindy Sheehan can't do it alone. John Conyers can't do it alone. Russ Feingold can't do it alone.

I'm beginning to suspect that you don't want to take back this country anymore.