Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Where are my leeches?!

This patient needs to be bled!"

More Bobo's World. Tennessee State. Rep. Debra Maggart, Idiot Extraordinaire.

Rep. Debra Maggart, R-Hendersonville, said she still believes homosexual couples should not be allowed to adopt children. In fact, in addition to e-mail correspondence with a master’s student at Vanderbilt publicized recently, in which she said as much, she has also said homosexual couples may molest the children they adopt.

I'm sure that after Ms. Maggot is bombarded with email and phone calls, she will assert that her words were taken out of context.

Rep. Debra Maggart
Work Phone: (615) 868-4008
Fax: (615) 868-4445
E-mail: dmaggart@bellsouth.net