Sunday, April 30, 2006

NOW can we liken him

to Hitler?

"A dictatorship is a lot easier, especially if I'm the dictator."

Glenn Greenwald's expert analysis here.

"Laws are so pre 9/11."

AFP/Paul J. Richards

The truth hurts.

Which is why it's so difficult for our bubble-wrapped President to handle it.

Colbert closed his routine with a video fantasy where he gets to be White House Press Secretary, complete with a special “Gannon” button on his podium. By the end, he had to run from Helen Thomas and her questions about why the U.S. really invaded Iraq and killed all those people.

As Colbert walked from the podium, when it was over, the president and First Lady gave him quick nods, unsmiling. The president shook his hand and tapped his elbow, and left immediately.

REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang

"I was just following orders."

Powell: We Went Into Iraq Without Enough Troops

In an interview aired today on Britain’s ITV, former Secretary of State Colin Powell said that the U.S. went into Iraq without enough troops. Powell said he always “favored a larger military presence.” Prior to the invasion Powell made the case to Rumsfeld and President Bush but was overruled. As a result Powell said we didn’t have “enough force there at the time to impose order.”

"Hey. Stop it. Come on, don't. Oh, okay."


My wish fulfilled.

Democratic Underground has put up the transcript of Stephen Colbert's brilliant skewering of the President and his press corps last night.

"So, can you have God take out that Colbert guy?"

AFP/Getty Images/Mandel Ngan

[hat tip to Quentin Compson]

Big difference when the

D.C. cowards are making weak jokes about the weather,

REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang

and when you're just gotten eviscerated by the verbal equivalent of a spool of industrial barbed wire shoved up your ass:

Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images

Stephen Colbert displayed more guts in ten minutes of performance at the White House Correspondents Dinner than the entire Bush family has in their collective lifetime. He, along with the ever-feisty Helen Thomas, deftly exposed the "truthiness" to the world (or at least those who were watching) that Bush AND the D.C. press corps are indeed a naked emperor and his gutless courtiers.

Catch the video at Crooks & Liars or at C-SPAN.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

I had the pleasure of marching,

once again, in the streets of New York City this afternoon to protest this administration's global recklessness and greed. Needless to say, the newswires downplayed the numbers. It wasn't "thousands," it was at least 250,000.

Here are some snaps I took along the way. Enjoy.

We were marching right behind Cindy Sheehan and her posse - Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Susan Sarandon, and various religious and labor leaders:

Looking north from just below Canal Street. That's a lot more than 10 blocks.

Down at Foley Square - there was a rally and festival for peace.

This guy KILLED me! It's his Hummer Penis!

One of my mother's friends we found had made this foul fowl:

We marched most of the way behind this sign. The other side says the same thing in German. Who says the Germans don't have a sense of humor?

"You're going to lose that hand

if you keep that up, mister."

AFP/Mandel Ngan

I would pay good money to see that girl go all tae-kwon-do on his ass.

Guess he's prepping for invading North Korea.


Friday, April 28, 2006

Thank you, President Bush.

You vile little man, you fucking EVIL BLIGHT on this earth.

Top photo: In New Bedford, Mass., Rachel D'Intinosanto learns that her nephew Marine Lance Cpl. Michael Ford was killed in Iraq when an improvised explosive device blew up next to his tank. Behind her are Ford's brother, Joseph (center), and cousin, Crystal Branden. Ford had been in Iraq less than a month.

Bottom photo: A wounded boy lies in a Baghdad hospital after a roadside bomb exploded in a city street. One child was killed and six Iraqis, mostly children, were injured.

Well, now you can see why

he was a cheerleader and not a running back:

Holy shit!

Rush Limbaugh turned himself in to the cops?!

The End Times ARE here. Man, I go out on one lousy Friday night, and all Hell breaks loose.

(kicks dirt, mutters to herself)

UPDATE: Oh, I see NTodd's got the mug shot up over at Dohiyi Mir...

Heh heh heh heh heh...

No, we're not in hiatus.

Heinous, maybe. That affable curmudgeon, Dr. Atta J. Turk, and I are back with some of the more grotesque aspects of Republicanism at Rising Hegemon - AFTER DARK!

Go visit. Don't forget your barf bag.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

From Josh Marshall:

Cincy Enquirer: "A unanimous Ohio Elections Commission voted to issue U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt a public reprimand Thursday for "false statements" - claiming she had a second undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati that she never received."

What was the second degree in? Batshit Craziness?

"Can't you smell it?

My oil buddies gettin' fatter and fatter..."

"...Oh, it smells like Mother's panties!"

AP/Gerald Herbert

Hookers, bribes, indictments,

trials, all involving the Republican thuggery.

I gotta go cool off.

Beware of fake cowboys.

They're usually hiding a psychological disorder under those hats.

"Watch this - I bet I can hit that crippled kid right in the groin!"

(hat tip phoenix woman)

"No, dude, you're supposed to wear

the tool belt OUTSIDE your pants."

Like he has a tool. Please.

Let's play

"Guess My Weight"!

AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

To be fair,

hauling Denny Hastert's ginormity requires a few extra horses under the hood.

AP/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

(caption reads: House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Ill., center, gets out of a Hydrogen Alternative Fueled automobile, left, as he prepares to board his SUV, which uses gasoline, after holding a new conference at a local gas station in Washington, Thursday, April 27, 2006 to discuss the recent rise in gas prices. Hastert and other members of Congress drove off in the Hydrogen-Fueled cars only to switch to their official cars to drive back the few block back to the U.S. Capitol.)

Thanks to reader Dex for the heads up.

Congratulations, George.

You've finally succeeded at something:

Iraq becoming safe haven for terrorists.

"What's that I hear? The cries of ecstasy from the military industrial complex?"


UPDATE: The link worked this morning. Now it doesn't. I'll let you don any aluminum foil accessory of your choosing.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

So it's come to this.

Exploiting the puppy vote to boost his sagging poll numbers.

AP/Gerald Herbert

Thankfully, the dog remained unscathed through this ordeal.

Oh please oh please oh please Part II

Rove is sweating bacon rashers.

Karl Rove has described his three and a half hour meeting with a grand jury as grueling, and is more worried about being prosecuted than ever, MSNBC is reporting.

RAW STORY has also learned that an MSNBC report tonight will reveal that one of Rove's lawyers said the presidential adviser described his fifth grand jury appearance as "hell."
. . .

Also not boding well for Rove is the fact that the grand jury plans to meet tomorrow. Some are speculating that an indictment for Rove may be handed up tomorrow, though others have claimed such a fast turnaround time is unlikely.

Big Head Tony Snow,

FOX White House Press Secretary for a reason:

In case you were wondering what he was storing in that HUGE noggin.

"An' we're makin' good progress

in New Orleans. In fact, Ethel here, we just found her great aunt's body upstairs in the attic! That's progress!"

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

"Yeah, and Cracker here hammered his own thumb into my front door."

"So, you guys are Amish?"

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Got any pretzels?

Ya might wanna choke up

on that bat a little more, Hoss.

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

"Yer teeth shur are white,"

said Preznit Meth Mouth.

Getty Images/Mark Wilson

I wonder if Condi's getting nervous.

Please oh please oh please...

Fitzo de Mayo?

REUTERS/Hyungwon Kang

When you step in dogshit,

the trick is to wipe it off, not grind it into the bottom of your shoe.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld paid a surprise visit to Baghdad on Wednesday to express support for Iraq's new leaders, but drew criticism from Iraqi politicians who said they feared the unannounced visit might do more harm than good.

"So you're here to distract from that leak story? God, that's good!"

full story here.

Is that a burnt pierogi

on your chest or are you just glad to be exfoliated?

AP/Matt Houston

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Oh, they are SO not

sexing each other up at night.


Blech. I think I just grossed myself out.

Please, Mr. Postman...

You can see more artwork of the mastermind behind this, the irresponsibly handsome WalterNeff here.

"Dang, she's switched off agin.

I'm gonna have to take her back to the dealer."

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

"Say what? Evil Pasty White Boy

got served with a target letter? Mmm, them's good eats!"

REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya

Karl Rove would certainly provide some fat for this poor little orphan's bones.

UPDATE: more info here

What would happen if

new WH Press Secretary and former FOX whore Tony Snow

RNC Whore Ken Mehlman


(thanks to Feral Liberal for making me think about this)

Maybe it's "fifth time's the charm"?

Top White House aide Karl Rove arrived at the federal courthouse Wednesday for his fifth grand jury appearance in the Valerie Plame affair.

Those must be some mighty tasty donuts at the courthouse coffee shop if Evil Pasty White Guy keeps coming back.

REUTERS/Larry Downing

full story here.

'Woodcock'? Her name is 'Woodcock'?

Plan B means teenage sex cults!

Former FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford, Dr. Janet Woodcock, deputy operations commissioner, and Dr. Steven Galson, director of the FDA's drug evaluation center, are to testify in court-ordered depositions to be taken by attorneys for the Manhattan-based Center for Reproductive Rights on April 26, 27 and 28 in Washington, D.C. and Rockville, Md.

. . .

Simon Heller, one of the attorneys, plans to quiz Woodcock about a March 23, 2004, staff memo suggesting she was concerned Plan B might lead to teenage promiscuity.

Dammit, Janet!

"I'm gonna miss these.

So small, fit right in the palm of my little hand."

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

"Ah am soooo gonna

make people kiss this. It's bigger than the Pope's!"

AP/Gerald Herbert

Looks like he already got his teef knocked out by it.

"I just stepped in dog poo.

It's all squishy!"

AFP/Tim Sloan

Uncivil? I'll say.

No, not me, although I was cheered significantly this morning when I heard on NPR that 1 in 50 defibrillators like the one Dick Cheney has in place of that little pitted stone he calls a heart malfunctions.

No, I'm talking about the Banshee of the Violent Right, Generalissima of the 101 Fighting Keyboardists, irony-free Michelle Malkin.

As Digby points out, this woman, who provides the nuttiest of wingnut vitriol, is sponsored by the makers of this shirt:

and yet she gets column time in newspapers that, if I'm not mistaken, employ journalists. She must be a blast at Christmas parties, expounding on the benefits of internment camps for Asians and the hanging of journalists. Fucking loon.

And they call us uncivil because we curse alot?

(via Eschaton.)