Monday, April 24, 2006


You see this?

(screen cap courtesy Think Progress)

I just want to remind you that Josh Bolten took away the "Fixing Trent Lott's Porch" portfolio from Karl Rove so that he could concentrate on the mid-term elections, doing what he does best. You know what this means, don't you?

You sons of bitches better start thinking outside the box pronto. Get ready to push back against every smear tactic immediately, shove the web of lies, deceit, and ineptitude spun by Bush to get us into Iraq down the Republicans' throats, scream bloody murder about the tacit approval by this administration that oil companies can gouge the American people and nothing will get done about it, and demand that every single fucking vote be counted, and NOT by Diebold. Do NOT get blindsided by the "morality" issues - take a fucking STAND on gay marriage, on stem-cell research, on separation of church and state. For the love of Post Toasties, stop waffling!

Yes, it's nice that some of you are acknowledging the hard work of Christy, Jane and the crew by hurling the "Rubber Stamp Republicans" meme across the aisle, but goddammit, you'd better do more to separate yourselves from the lying, cheating and thieving that the Republicans have trademarked. Don't sit back on your haunches and think you can coast while Bu$hCo. implodes. You can't. You shouldn't. Don't. This is Karl Rove we're talking about here.

Consider this fair warning. Game on.