Sunday, April 23, 2006

No amount of inappropriate back-slapping

or Segway-bribing will change the fact that everything George Walker Bush touches turns to shit. Every. Single. Thing. As The Left Coaster points out:

As long as George is bent on rustling the world's energy herd instead of progressing into other energy development technologies (and maybe save the American economy in the process by truly creating all those high-wage jobs he's been lamely promising for almost six years now!), there will inevitably come a showdown.

. . .

To put it in terms even a moron Texan-wannabee like George can understand - once the dealer changed the deck, all those aces hidden up that Connecticut Yankee sleeve won't work anymore. George is going to have to play poker with the cards he has, not the ones he wishes he has. That should come as quite a shock to him, for he's never played a fair game in his life, and he's up against a contender who will accept high losses in order to eventually win.