Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Uncivil? I'll say.

No, not me, although I was cheered significantly this morning when I heard on NPR that 1 in 50 defibrillators like the one Dick Cheney has in place of that little pitted stone he calls a heart malfunctions.

No, I'm talking about the Banshee of the Violent Right, Generalissima of the 101 Fighting Keyboardists, irony-free Michelle Malkin.

As Digby points out, this woman, who provides the nuttiest of wingnut vitriol, is sponsored by the makers of this shirt:

and yet she gets column time in newspapers that, if I'm not mistaken, employ journalists. She must be a blast at Christmas parties, expounding on the benefits of internment camps for Asians and the hanging of journalists. Fucking loon.

And they call us uncivil because we curse alot?

(via Eschaton.)