Wednesday, May 31, 2006

"Oh, George. Not the livestock."

Nice. Trot out the same ol' platitudes for future cannon fodder:

CANAAN -- Ten-year-old Emily Shrader was watching television in her father's tractor-trailer at the beginning of a trip from Maine to Florida when she decided to get involved in her nation's foreign policy.

. . .

Thinking about the children whose father or mother will never came back made her sad.

"It was upsetting to see that the war keeps on going on and on and so many people keep on dying," she said.

She was surprised when she received a letter back from the president.

The letter defends the war in general terms and is signed George W. Bush. It explains that American military forces removed a threat to peace by ending Sadaam Hussein's rule.

"Democracy is on the march in Iraq .... I encourage you to support these service men and women who are willing to sacrifice for a cause greater than self," wrote the president.

"Would ya like an autographed picture, too?"

AFP/Tim Sloan

full story here, via Think Progress.