Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Wow, the normally unhinged

and opportunistic Michelle Malkin sees a small ray of light:

On May 18th, I was one of many bloggers on the Right to condemn Democrat Rep. John Murtha for blabbing about the still-not-complete investigation of alleged war atrocities by Marines at Haditha. . . . Since Murtha's widely broadcast accusations of Marines killing civilians "in cold blood," at least one other congressional rep--GOP Rep. John Kline of Minnesota--has jumped the gun and gone on record issuing conclusions about what happened at Haditha before reports are finalized and hearings are convened. Bad. There are also anonymous military sources leaking like crazy. And now the families of two Marines in the unit at issue have come forward with details.

I have been as outspoken as anyone about the anti-war, cut-and-run agenda, and the MSM's abetting of it. But as military officials acknowledge the existence of not one, but two, investigations into the incident at Haditha--one into the happenings on that fateful Nov. 19 day and the other into an alleged cover-up--it's time to move past the easy bashing of the motives of Rep. Murtha and his ilk. . . .

The investigations are still ongoing. That's not an excuse to ignore or dismiss the extensive reporting on the story. Yes, it's mostly one-sided at this point. But if, if, even a fraction of it is true, it deserves the most vehement condemnation and most severe punishment. Toddlers are dead.

Now I certainly wouldn't agree that the reportage is particularly "one sided," but hey, at least she's not calling for Murtha's head on a pike for speaking the truth or that the the media stop reporting on the situation immediately. And if she wants to believe that everything's just peachy in Iraq, that's her prerogative, although she might want to check with Jill Kimberly Dozier from CBS News about that. But there's no denying that the carnage that took place in Haditha is a crime and needs to be brought to light. Even Michelle Malkin can see that.