Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I witnessed the most base attack on two of my dear friends, Thersites and NYMary, by a rightwing lunatic who just simply cannot accept the fact that he's wrong. It was such an ugly, disgusting incident that I considered leaving the blogosphere for a while because there is no way to argue with "I know you are, but what am I?" logic.

I'm not going to repeat the innumerable slanders, but suffice it to say, this lunatic, who professed to sign something called an "online integrity pledge," outed both of my friends on his site, thus exposing them to possible retaliation at work and at home. All of this because he espouses an often-dismissed aspect of literary theory and was made to look the fool by Thers. Yes, Thersites used coarse language to describe the blogger's inability to comprehend why his theory doesn't fly; this is the Internet and if you can't handle coarse language, I'd recommend taking up some other hobby where your virgin ears will never be pierced by an expletive.

Moreover, he was mightily offended when the couple's friends came to their defense, sullying his pristine site with various forms of logical argument and invective. His "minions" responded in kind, and worse. Not once did Thersites attack the blogger's family. The blogger's "orcs" elected to take the low road, dragging Thers' wife and their children through the mud, even though they were not participants in the debate between Thers and the rightwing blogger (I'm not even going to give him the pleasure of a link, because this whole dust-up gave him far more traffic than he deserves). And then one of them did a little sleuthing and outed Thers and NYMary, giving their email addresses and where they work. While the blogger redacted some of the information, he left the rest there for the world to see.

As was pointed out last night over at Eschaton, it's typical alpha male behavior, the weaker boys yelling out insults from behind the bigger schoolyard bully, and representative of the behavior of the Right in general. Don't bother with the facts or the law; just go straight to pounding the podium.

Frankly, I'd like to pound the paste-eater and his followers in the head. Repeatedly. But that's only because i'm not a literary theorist.