Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bang forehead here.

It is to laugh:

In an emotional speech, Bush called former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein "a selfish brutal leader willing to sacrifice infrastructure" for his own interests.

"Oh, where to start, where to start," she wondered, tapping out a tattoo on her pursed mouth. "Do I start in on how, by waging an illegal, poorly planned, crazy quilt war, BushCo. did more to damage the Iraqi infrastructure than Saddam could have ever possibly hoped to do? Or do I focus on how BushCo. has broken the backbone of the United States, the middle class and small business owners, with its greedy and mendacious push for corporate hegemony?

"How Bush, in his preening, utterly unwarranted vanity, invaded a country in order to establish his legacy (and put that ghost of his father's success to rest), and in the process, bankrupted his own country? Or how Bush, the amoral peacock, opened the United States cash register to the thugs and villains in his cabinet who got so busy stuffing cash into their pockets, underwear and socks that they couldn't fit through the convenience store doors without passing the cash to their friends and families.

"How the myopic and obsessive BushCo. removed the one stopgap that kept the civil wars at bay in Iraq, opening up the region to years of tribal unrest and strife? Or how BushCo., using the trick-turning, media mouthpieces, shifts public attention from its criminal behavior by hanging the 'minority of the day' pinata from a tree branch for the willfully blind to swing at until it breaks and turns out to be empty?

They don't have electricity for more than four hours at a time in Baghdad. They still haven't got traffic lights working in New Orleans.

Res ipsa loquitur."

She took a deep breath and slowly released it. "Oh, fuck it," she said to the screen. "Maybe I'll just start drinking heavily."

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