Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hooo boy.

Via NTodd's place, I see that today is Marriage Protection Sunday. Isn't that special.

On June 4, Southern Baptists are being encouraged to learn more about the threat to marriage posed by same-sex marriage and to tell their senators to vote for the Marriage Protection Amendment, S.J. Res. 1.

Okay, if that isn't entertaining enough, I heartily recommend checking out their "FAQs on Homosexuality":

* First and foremost, a homosexual person simply does not exist.

* Temptation will not automatically disappear when we place our trust in Christ, but we will have a new nature and a new power within to deal with the power of sin.

* Those who take seriously the authority of God's Word should be aware that perhaps no subject poses a greater threat to the place of Scripture in our world today.

* Homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle both physically and emotionally

and my personal favorite:

* John, however, states that Jesus said many things that were not recorded (John 21:25).

How conveeeeeeenient!