Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's just like sleepaway camp.

Only the campers find other uses for all those lanyards.

Three Gitmo detainees hang themselves.

"We would like to end the Guantanamo - we'd like it to be empty," Bush said. But he added: "There are some that, if put out on the streets, would create grave harm to American citizens and other citizens of the world. And, therefore, I believe they ought to be tried in courts here in the United States."

Bush said his administration was waiting for the Supreme Court to rule whether he overstepped his authority in ordering the detainees to be tried by U.S. military tribunals.

Josh Colangelo-Bryan of the Center for Constitutional Rights discovered one of his clients attempting to hang himself last year when he visited Guantanamo, and said he feared there would be more suicides.

Colangelo-Bryan said one detainee recently told him: "I would simply rather die than live here forever without rights."

I see. It's just a lot of red tape that's keeping the U.S. from releasing the detainees.