Thursday, June 15, 2006

"It's a number."

Tony Snow is quickly proving himself to be a perfect fit for the tone-deaf, narcissistic Bush administration.

Q Tony, American deaths in Iraq have reached 2,500. Is there any response or reaction from the President on that?

MR. SNOW: It’s a number, and every time there’s one of these 500 benchmarks people want something.

Snow goes on to say how the Preznit (who, it turns out, was also wearing a flak jacket and helmet on that fateful helicopter ride from Baghad Airport to the Green Zone, but whose handlers would not allow him to be photographed in said gear) gets all choked up:

You’ve seen it many times. You saw it, you saw it when he was in that ballroom, Terry, and you had this crowd of servicemen and women who were cheering loudly for the President, and he got choked up.

Because it's not about the servicemen and women. It's all about Bush and his feelings.


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