Wednesday, June 21, 2006

This must be one of Karen Huge's ideas.

Don't suicide bomb:

A new, American-made PSA aimed at discouraging these deadly attacks is currently in production. The ad is slated to air as a 60-second spot on Iraqi television this summer. it me or does this strike anyone else as patently ridiculous? Don't suicide bomb? You're targeting an ad at people whose goal is to kill themselves, take as many others as they can with them in the process, and foment civil unrest. Not exactly what I'd call "a receptive audience" for marketing purposes.

Most citizens of Baghdad (where so many of the bombings occur) have electricity for what, 4 hours a day, max? Who the hell thinks they're sitting in their living rooms, washing down babaganoush and chips with an icy Coke, and watching "Live with Regis and Kelly"?

The unemployment rate in Iraq is anywhere between 27% to 50%, and even experts acknowledge that those numbers err on the low side. So you've got a lot of pissed off, disenfranchised people who view their lives as fucking hopeless and they're out on the street, looking for a purpose. Here's a thought - since Cheney decided that Halliburton would be responsible for rebuilding Iraq, how about tacking a rider onto all those no-bid contracts now under congressional review, stating that in order to get paid, Halliburton & Co. are required to hire x% Iraqis. All those schools need painting, right?

We live in a world anesthetized by the "violence as entertainment" surrounding us. Movies, television, video games - it's all good, bloody fun. I suspect that anyone watching this "Matrix-style" 60-second spot will be fascinated by the production values and give it nary another second's thought as they strap explosives to their chests.

God knows, I certainly hope I'm wrong.