Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The truth lies in the little things said.

From a review of Ron Suskind's upcoming book on Bush, The One Percent Solution, we learn just exactly what is most important to Chimpy McFlightsuit:

Abu Zubaydah, his captors discovered, turned out to be mentally ill and nothing like the pivotal figure they supposed him to be. CIA and FBI analysts . . . .
. . .

Abu Zubaydah also appeared to know nothing about terrorist operations; rather, he was al-Qaeda's go-to guy for minor logistics -- travel for wives and children and the like.
. . .

"I said he was important," Bush reportedly told Tenet at one of their daily meetings. "You're not going to let me lose face on this, are you?"

With each passing day and each new, startling, depressing revelation, the Preznit bears an even more striking resemblance to any number of tinpot dictators.

wavin's hard.

Josh Marshall provides more at Talking Points Memo.