Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"Uncivil city"?

Hey WaPo: BITE ME!

You want uncivil? Look no further than that big domed building in the middle of your town where all the REAL criminals hang out.

The uncivil city roars, and somewhere a New York mayor shudders. For a decade Rudolph W. Giuliani and his successor, Michael R. Bloomberg, have tried to tame the raucous city. They've thrown up concrete barricades to stop New Yorkers from jaywalking and tried banning vendors of hot dogs and assorted mystery meats from 44 blocks of Midtown, outlawed smoking in bars and cracked down on cellphone-carrying middle-schoolers and beer-guzzling gents at the beach.
. . .

"The worst of Rudy's prudery has passed, but large areas of Manhattan became very vapid," says Bill Dobbs, a longtime downtown resident and confirmed New York partisan. "If that kept up, New York City was going to be as dull as D.C."

Heh. Dull as Laura's closet. At least NYC has a pulse.

more D.C.-centricity here.