Sunday, June 11, 2006

When you've lost L'il Ricky...

Poor Mann Coulter. She's ugly, she smells, flies come out of her mouth when she speaks, she only has one black minidress that went out of style sometime in the early '90s, and not even Senator Man-on-Dog likes her.

From HuffPo:

MICHAEL SMERCONISH: With regard to a certain group of 9/11 widows Ann Coulter in her new book says, 'I've never seen people enjoying their husbands' deaths so much.' I'm appalled by that. Are you appalled by that?

SEN. SANTORUM: Probably more then you are. I mean this is ridiculous. I mean Ann is what? Ann is someone who is out there trying to sell books and, you know appeal to a certain audience and I guess she's doing it.

SMERCONISH: But you're not in that audience to which she's appealing?

SANTORUM: No, no, I don't consider myself, I'm not a part of that audience at all that's really on the edge as far as I'm concerned, maybe over the edge.

SMERCONISH: Yes, over the edge. I applaud you, I applaud you for saying that.