Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Man with the Merdes Touch.

So the people Bush sent overseas to fight an unjust and ill-conceived war come home to find they can't get jobs because that war is rapidly bankrupting the nation's economy and the soldiers' chances for employment. Nice.

From the Air Force Times:

Young veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are havng a harder time finding a job than their peers who didn’t serve in the military.

Last year, about one in six veterans between 20 and 24 was jobless, nearly double the rate for nonveterans their age. It was brighter in the second quarter of this year, when young vets had an 11.2 percent jobless rate, but that was still higher than the 8 percent for nonvets their age and more than twice the overall unemployment rate.

How much you wanna bet Dick "5 Deferments" Cheney would say: "Hell, being unemployed is better than being in a body bag."

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