Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hurricane Katrina - the gift that keeps on giving.

WASHINGTON - FEMA will replace locks on as many as 118,000 trailers used by Gulf Coast hurricane victims after discovering the same key could open many of the mobile homes.

One manufacturer cut only 50 different kinds of keys for the trailers it sold to FEMA, officials said Monday. That means, in a worst-case scenario, one key could be used to unlock up to 10 mobile homes in a park of 500 trailers.

FEMA officials said such a situation was unlikely, but they still moved to warn storm evacuees living in Louisiana and Mississippi trailer parks of the security risk.

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On a related note, Scout Prime from First Draft, is back down on the Gulf Coast to document the first anniversary of the destruction of New Orleans and its environs. You can check out her ongoing series here.