Saturday, August 05, 2006

Polls, Schmolls

I know all the latest numbers show Ned Lamont ahead by at least 10 points and everyone is saying how Lieberman is going to lose, but after 5+ years of Rovian feints, I smell something not quite right. As I've said elsewhere, I suspect that Lieberman and his band of petty, sign-stealing Kidz are getting tips on how to get the enemy to let down its guard. This isn't the time to rest on laurels, but to ramp up the campaign and win decisively. Lieberman is on the ropes; a good boxer wouldn't stand back and let him catch his breath - a good boxer would take him out right then and there.

Help get out the vote this weekend, if you can. If you're in Connecticut, talk to your friends and neighbors. If you're not, MoveOn has set up phone banks and only asks for 30 minutes of your time.

We must win this one.

And now back to our regularly scheduled snark.