Monday, August 14, 2006

We might as well be governed by meterologists,

because even when they're wrong (which is 100% of the time), BushCo. still gets paid:

"When the war in Lebanon began in mid-July, American diplomacy was predicated on giving the vaunted Israeli armed forces the time it needed to destroy Hezbollah militarily," Warren Hoge had once written.

"The Bush administration resisted all calls for a cease-fire, even as worldwide clamor for one increased, arguing that a simple truce with no conditions for its aftermath would leave Hezbollah entrenched and Israel exposed to renewed rocket attacks from southern Lebanon," the article then continued.

"As the weeks wore on and civilian casualties mounted and the Hezbollah fighters proved to be an unexpected match for the experienced soldiers of Israel, however, the Bush administration began to doubt whether Israel could indeed win an outright military victory, according to a senior administration official," Hoge had originally written.

It should be noted, as discussed in the linked article, that the New York Times felt it necessary to delete this reference in its article. Y'know, just in case you thought The Grey Lady wasn't still on the payroll.

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