Friday, September 29, 2006

Again with the punctuation?

Via Atrios, I see that Bush still has trouble identifying the dead who will haunt him forever:

President Bush's speech yesterday got tons of attention for its attack on Dems, but there was another key moment that's passed unnoticed. Bush again used the phrase "just a comma" to describe the Iraq war. From the speech:

We're going to help the Iraqi people. Remember, 12 million of them voted in elections last December. That probably seems like a decade ago to you, but when the history is finally written, it will be just a comma. Twelve million people stood up in the face of assassins and car bombers and said, we want to be free.

Greg Sargent goes on to explain that, in essence, the whole "comma" thing is Fundie-speak for "God is deciding the outcome." Not very reassuring to the families of the dead and the rest of us, but so long as his Fundie base is happy...

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