Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Can we take a step back, please?

I understand that to a great extent this question is rhetorical, given the current state of affairs and the ongoing dismantling of the Constitution, but why the fuck is Congress having a debate about the definition of "torture" in the first place?

How far have we fallen as a country, as a people?

Bush and his administration of moral corruption have committed war crimes for which they should be tried and punished. All of these circus contortions to morph reality ex post facto are nothing more than a cynical means to deflect attention away from the myriad horrors BushCo. has wrought upon the nation and the world. They are hyper-aware of their guilt and are spinning like mad to avoid that walk to the dock at the Hague.

So why doesn't anyone in Congress think that arguing over what constitutes "torture" is beside the point?

Bush isn't the only one who finds new ways to shame America every day. Congress is doing a great job, as well.