Friday, September 29, 2006

It's hard out here for a pomp...

...ous, arrogant, bigoted asshole.

Sen. George Allen can't seem to win: first, he apologizes for addressing an Indian American with a racial slur and acknowledges that many view the Confederate flag as a hate symbol. Now, the Sons of Confederate Veterans want him to apologize, too.
. . .

"He's apologizing to others, certainly he should apologize to us as well," said B. Frank Earnest Sr., the Virginia commander of the confederate group at a news conference. "We're all aware, ourselves included, of the statements that got him into this. The infamous macaca statement. He's using our flag to wipe the muck from his shoes that he's now stepped in."

"Wait! Don't leave! I'm a racist, just like you!"

AFP/Alex Wong

Looks like George is going to be doing quite a bit of atoning on Monday.

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