Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A moment's pause.

I try not to get especially personal on this blog, since (a) my life just isn't that interesting, and (b) that's not what this place is about, but I learned late yesterday afternoon that a friend's life partner had died. Juxtaposed against the current political climate, it was especially saddening because the two men had been in a loving, monogamous relationship for an extremely long time and were anchors for each other in the shitty, parochial backwash that this country has become, a place where moral turpitude is masked as patronizing sanctimony and a twisted, inflated paternalism.

It didn't really hit me until about 1:00 in the morning and kept me up for most of the night. I wanted to hang, Kong-like, from the top of the Empire State Building (since the whole Howard Beale thing has been done already) and shout: "Look around you, people! See that blur? That's your life rushing by! You have a choice - you can either ignore that whooshing sound, or you can try to catch it and embrace it. Stop with all of this bullshit! Stop taking the people who love and support you for granted! Stop projecting your fears and manias and neuroses onto the powerless or less fortunate! Stop kicking the poor dog! Because you know what? It could all be taken away from you in a nanosecond."

Maybe I'm just getting older and have a keener sense of my own mortality. Maybe I'm just fucking fed up with the deluge of stories about small-minded religiosity, corruption and greed that serve as the cornerstones of our society, despite all the holier-than-thou doublespeak. Maybe I should refill my prescription for Ambien.

I have a brave and strong reader (and those of you who spend any time here know to whom I refer) who battles her disease not just with chemicals, but with a healthy dose of humor and a generous attitude toward life. She is the role model for these bizarre times in which we find ourselves. I raise a glass to her.

So yeah, consider this the anti-Hallmark reminder to hug your kids, say "thank you" to a waiter, and stop swatting away the hand that's feeding you.

And before I forget: Fuck George Bush.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.