Thursday, November 09, 2006

Even the cosmos is affected

by this election.

REUTERS/ NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Megeath (University of Toledo) & M. Robberto (STScI)/Handout

Caption reads: This image of the Orion nebula, taken by NASA's Spitzer and Hubble Space Telescopes and released November 7, 2006, shows an infrared and visible-light composite that indicates that a 'gang' of four monstrously massive stars at the center of the cloud may be the main culprits of mayhem in the familiar Orion constellation. The stars are collectively called the 'Trapezium' and can be communally identified as the yellow smudge near the center of the image. Swirls of green in Hubble's ultraviolet and visible-light view reveal hydrogen and sulfur gas that have been heated and ionized by intense ultraviolet radiation from the Trapezium's stars.