Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Crist in Karl Rove's doghouse

The controversy over Charlie Crist dissing President Bush won't go away. White House political adviser Karl Rove made it clear he wasn't happy with Crist's decision to snub President Bush's Pensacola visit, thus likely ensuring that the controversy will be the talk of cable TV pundit shows Monday night.

Rove pointedly asked what event Crist was at that would rival the expected crowd of 10,000 at the president's election-eve event.

Crist was working the crowd at a popular Delray Beach restaurant, Lox Around the Clock, when he was asked about Rove's criticism.

"We just wanted to be all around the state of Florida today," Crist said. "I'm very pleased that the president is here. Glad he's come to our state. But I've got to get around Florida."

Crist is hitting eight events in six TV markets. The goal of his strategists is to get his face on as many evening newscasts as possible. But as he waved signs at a Fort Lauderdale intersection, TV reporters from Miami stations kept asking about the president's visit.

One reporter asked Crist is he's still supporting President Bush. "Of course I am," Crist said. "I think he's a great man and a great friend."

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