Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nice going, Karl.

I guess no one bothered to check where Casey Sheehan had been stationed prior to his shipping off to Iraq (hint: Fort Hood).

From DKos:

The [anti-Sheehan] barbecue was to take place in the lot NEXT TO the Crawford Bank, and a [local radio] host named "JACK HAMMER". . . would be there. They stated they would offer free burgers and Coca-Cola. [AAR's] . . . Schultz also had a reporter call in who stated that the Ft. Hood military were being ENCOURAGED to show up.

The BBQ was cancelled, BTW.

So let me understand: you're encouraging Casey Sheehan's brothers-in-arms to participate in a rally AGAINST Casey's mom, who is protesting his death.

This could ONLY be contemplated by people who have never served in the armed forces, or even participated in team sports.