Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Turning the tables

So, if Lou Dobbs' poll last night is to be believed (even if Lou Dobbs ignored the facts of the story), despite the fact that a solid majority of people think that John Kerry ought not to apologize for the remarks he made during his stump speech on Monday, the Republicans have latched onto the manufactured brouhaha in a Hail Mary attempt to swing the election their way. And the media, on cue, picks up the Republican version of the story and runs with it.

No, John Kerry didn't call the troops "stupid." John Kerry called President Bush stupid. (Hey, truth is the ultimate defense.) Yes, the Senator flubbed a joke he's used a "brazillion" times before, but the crowd he was speaking before understood what he meant. It's the stupid people in Washington Kerry was warning against who didn't get the joke. As Keith Olbermann noted last night in his broadcast, Bush was too stupid to understand that Kerry was calling him stupid.

What I find so fucking hypocritical is that the Republican party sees nothing wrong with repeatedly calling Democrats "traitors," treasonous," terrorists," and the like because they don't agree with Mr. Bush's miserable failure of a Presidency. And when Democrats fight back, like Kerry did yesterday? Ooooh, the Republicans go running, whining about incivility while appearing on the Rush "Michael J. Fox is faking his Parkinson's" Limbaugh show. They have no problem when their goons slam a dissenter into a plate glass window and throwing him to the ground because he lobbed an "uncivil" question at Senator Allen.

It's time for the hypocrisy to stop. These authoritarian thugs need to be put away, and for a very long time. As you all know, I'd prefer putting them away in someplace like The Hague, but I'll be satisfied with a solid Democratic win next week. You have to start somewhere.

Now enough of this bullshit, and let's get back to the fight at hand: returning the U.S. government to the people, not to a well-oiled few.